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Founders (and Administration) of the Felician School - Sister Mary Loretta Borkowski, Sister Rose Marie Smiglewski, and Sister Mary Ramona Borkowski.

Celebrating 40 Years of Serving Students with Special Needs

Welcome to The Felician School for Exceptional Children

       Striving for Excellence ...

We have once again been recognized by the National Association of Special Education Teachers as a "School of Excellence"! This is the highest honor a private special education school can acheive through NASET.

Founded by the Felician Sisters and approved by the New Jersey State Dept of Education in 1971, The Felician School for Exceptional Children is staffed by certified professionals who are skilled, sensitive, and dedicated to the care and education of their students. Students are enrolled into The Felician School by their local school districts at no cost to the family.

Felician School

Our Mission is to recognize the human dignity of individuals with special needs. The Felician School  provides these individuals with quality educational programs. Based on individual levels of functioning, the school’s educational programs stress independence and acceptable behavior, both within the school setting and within the community. In a climate of acceptance and respect students are prepared for an independent and productive adulthood. We believe that everyone has a unique mission to fulfill and special gifts to share. It is our goal to prepare the students for their special mission and our privilege to do so.

"A Parent's Perspective"  by  Patrick Jakimowicz - Graduation - June 7th, 2013

"When James first came to Felician School back in the fall of 2006, he was a shy, quiet boy who mostly kept to himself.  He kept school at school, and did not want us to talk about it at home.  Boy, what a difference a few years can make!  He has grown up so much, not only in his knowledge and skills, but in his interaction with friends and family.

Recently, Felician School had their Spring Social.  I dropped James off at the party, and then I went off and kept myself  busy until it was time to pick him up.  what I saw when I came in brought me great joy!  Back in the old days, James would have been the typical wall flower, sitting off to the side by himself, watching the others having fun.  What I saw were friends calling his name, giving him high fives, and James having a great time.  He has become Mister Sociable!  When he comes home from school, he now loves talking about its classmates and teachers, and what he did that day.

We want to thank all of you, the faculty of Felician School, for teaching, guiding, and encouraging James into becoming the person he is today; a fine young man, with a great sense of humor, who wants to help people in any way he can.  You cannot ask for anything more!"